Vietnamese summer rolls with creamy peanut butter sauce


For the peanut sauce: 150g creamy peanut butter; 80ml water; 3 tablespoons hoisin sauce; 2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lime juice; 4.5 teaspoons soy sauce; 1 tablespoon granulated sugar; 1 medium garlic clove, mashed to a paste; 0.5 teaspoon roasted sesame oil

For the summer rolls: cooked & peeled shrimp/ tofu/ egg/ etc..; 200g cooked rice vermicelli; 300g rice paper wrappers; 100g mung bean sprouts (optinal); fresh mint leaves; fresh basil; cilantro; cucumber/ carrot sticks; lettuce leaves


Customers' Reviews

So far the best Asian grocery store in Turku, the location is also nearby the university and hospital. The products are arranged neatly and the store provides various kind of staple foods, condiments, and instant food from various South East Asian countries (Korea, China, Thailand, Indonesia, etc.). They also have a nice and updated website, you can check for available products beforehand. Moreover, the staff is always kind and helpful.

Juli Elisa Udayani

My favorite Asian market in Turku! The market offers some unique to Turku Asian food scene items (Makgeolli, mochi ice cream), great selection of fresh vegetables and fruits, all kinds of snacks and spices and sauces -- list goes on and on. In other words, everything one needs for a nice inspired meal. Owners are welcoming, and they pay attention to customers' wishes (if some item is not available). The market has an active Instagram page and even website. Nice to see them growing.

Longina S

Always kind staff and I am so glad they have many Korean goods in the store like fried chicken, dumplings, ramyun, fish cakes, deokbokki, kimchi... you name it. It is my favourite Asian food store in Turku.

Elisa S

Amazing asian store. It sells rare things which are almost unthinkable: red rice, banana leaves, palm sugar, pandan leaves extract, scallop, and many more. Many of the them cant be found in any other asian shops, but ofcourse the general things like the noodles and sauces are here as well. Even in Helsinki, hard to find those rare products in one shop. On top of that, the place is tidy and close to UTU student village. Well Done!

David Sibarani

Mukava ja halpa aasialainen kauppa. Alakerrassa paljon tavaraa.

Joni Lindroos